Kenneth Cooke (Secular Party of Australia) runs for Warringah

I have nominated as the Secular Party of Australia candidate for the NSW electorate of Warringah.

There is of course only one person who has any chance at all of winning this seat and that is Tony Abbott the present incumbent member for Warringah and Leader of the Opposition. So why bother standing? (This is a question which could be asked of all the other candidates in this electorate.)

My intention is to offer my self as a means by which electors can make known their agreement with the principles for which the Secular Party stands – in effect it provides a “claytons” referendum – a referendum you have without having a referendum. By voting “1″ for the secular party and then giving your 2nd preference to the major candidate who you wish to actually be in government you are effectively voting for the major party of your choice while at the same time taking the opportunity of letting the major parties know your feelings about the lack of true separation of church and state in Australia.

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3 Responses to Kenneth Cooke (Secular Party of Australia) runs for Warringah

  1. sarah j says:

    What would you do to bring our troops home?

    Sarah J
    AOD StVinnes

  2. sarah j says:

    Would you continue to support and seek to meet the targets of recommendations of White Papers recommendations such as ‘The Road Home’?

    Sarah J

  3. kencooke says:


    Your questions are of course hypothetical since there is no chance that I would ever win. However they are worth answering.

    There is no reason, in a wealthy country such as Australia, that we should let any one suffer from homelessness. Adequate Food, Shelter and Education are a right in a just society. I am in a privileged position only partly because of my personal endeavours. The other part is the luck of my inherited talents and good health. No one should be left to suffer because of the have been less lucky in lifes lottery.

    Tax concessions given to non charitable arms of religious organisations cost the Australian taxpayer about 30 billion dollars per year. This lost revenue could go a long way to solving the problems of homelessness. In 2008 The Secular party made a submission to the government Review of Australia’s future tax system which outlines our estimate of the tax revenue lost.

    The question of bringing the troops home is more difficult. Women, children and men will continue to die which ever decision is made in this respect. I do not pretend to know which would be the better choice.

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