This is your opportunity to say no to governments who treat children of non religious parents as second class by providing them with meaningless alternatives to Scripture Classes. The existence of the School Chaplaincy Program and Special Religious Education (Scripture)  classes in public school implies that the Government has decided that citizens who have a belief in a god, and more specifically a belief in a Christian God are more worthy than those who do not. It implies that children of believers and non believers are in need of a supernaturally based spirituality in order to lead the good life  It is not the place of government to decide on matters of morals where the morals held do no harm to others in the society. It is governments role to protect the person and to facilitate the right to food, shelter, good health and education. Beliefs are personal. Some chose to congregate in a shared belief in a supernatural father figure. Others do not. It is not for government to decide that one system of belief is better than another.

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